Domestic Violence Costs $8.3 Billion Annually

December 10, 2013

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from Forbes Today domestic violence is known as a social, business and health priority in addition to being a criminal issue. Not only does it cause personal suffering, but domestic violence also reduces productivity, leads to absenteeism and drives up health care costs. And unless people are trained to look for it and ask about […]

Thinking Distortions in Anger Management Problems

January 14, 2013


For people with anger management problems, patterns of thinking are key in building and maintaining high levels of stress and anger.  Patterns of thinking also trigger and ‘validate’ the angry person’s choice of behaviors used to express anger.  For people who have difficulty with stress management, stating their needs directly, confusing anger with assertiveness and […]


January 12, 2013


anger 9a

Pseudo-violence or ‘near violence’ are the behaviors that threaten, menace and seek to control others without actual physical, ‘hands-on’ aggression.  These types of behaviors seriously impact others and are forms of emotional, psychological and mental abuse.  People with anger management problems often attempt to be controlling of others through intimidation, menacing and other nonverbal threats […]

Anger vs. Aggression

January 9, 2013


Many people mistakenly believe that someone with anger management problems is physically violent.  Actually, many people who have never been physically aggressive have anger management problems.  Any anger problem can benefit from anger management classes. It is the cost of anger to yourself and others that will determine your need for help. Keep in mind […]

Problems Associated with Anger: Anger Management Classes

January 4, 2013


If anger becomes an emotion that occurs too often, is felt too intensely or causes some inappropriate behavior (verbal, physical), then anger is a problem.  Additionally, problematic anger can have a great deal of impact upon health and physical well-being. Anger naturally causes a rise in heart rate and blood pressure, even when anger problems […]

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How Do I Know if I Need Anger Management Classes?

October 16, 2012


There are many ways to know if you need an anger management class, but only a few examples are listed here.  If you are not sure if you need an anger management class, consult a professional and get an anger management evaluation. Some indications that you have an anger management problem are that you are […]

What is Anger: Identifying the Need for Help with Anger

March 8, 2012


Anger is an emotional state. It can be triggered by both internal and external cues. As an emotion, anger is a natural response and serves many purposes. It is based in human biology (as are other emotions) and serves us through the survival drive in its most fundamental form. Anger is a strong protective force. […]


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