How Do I Know if I Need Anger Management Classes?

anger2There are many ways to know if you need an anger management class, but only a few examples are listed here.  If you are not sure if you need an anger management class, consult a professional and get an anger management evaluation.

Some indications that you have an anger management problem are that you are controlling, use intimidation or manipulation, feel chronic hostility, have frequent interpersonal conflicts, or are known by others to be an angry employee, an angry boss or angry spouse.  If you are questioning whether your anger is problematic, the following questions may help you better decide:

  • Do I use anger in the workplace?
  • Do I have trouble expressing feelings other than anger?
  • Do I engage in angry behaviors to the point of harassment or abuse?
  • Do I confuse assertiveness with anger?
  • Have I ever thought that I need help to manage my anger?
  • Have I been told that I use intimidation or manipulation in relationships?
  • Have I been told that I am controlling?
  • Do I find myself blowing up in times of stress?
  • Do I have chronic stress?
  • Do I do property damage, make threats, get into physical fights, and yell?
  • Do I find myself focusing on things, situations and people and becoming angry?
  • Do I find myself interrupting others, becoming impatient, not able to listen?
  • Do I resist seeking compromise, or coming to an honest compromise, when there is conflict?
  • Do I have trouble stating my needs and become resentful when others do not meet them?
  • Do I have effective techniques for stress management?

These are some of the questions that can help you decide if you may need anger management classes.  The professional who will conduct an anger management assessment will ask similar questions to help you determine if anger management classes can decrease your stress, lower anger levels, improve your coping skills in everyday life, improve your relationships, and better equip you to meet your own personal goals. If you have problematic anger, anger management classes will help you in all these areas by increasing your emotional intelligence—your awareness of emotional states, and your knowledge of how to manage them appropriately.  As your emotional intelligence increases through anger management classes, you will find that many, many areas of your life improve.  Anger is a natural emotion, but what we do with anger can make our lives unmanageable and problematic or can create a life in which we are more successful and less stressed.

An anger management assessment will identify your current emotional intelligence—what you know about emotions in yourself and others, how to express emotions appropriately and how to manage them successfully.  Anger management classes will increase emotional intelligence giving you the tools you need to be less stressed, in more satisfying relationships, manage your workplace experience more effectively and, overall, improve your daily coping and performance.

It would most helpful if the anger management class curriculum focuses on anger management, stress management, assertive communication skills, and emotional intelligence.

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Gregory A. Kyles, M.A., LPC, CEAP, CAMF
Director, Anger Management Institute of Texas
Diplomate, President of Texas Chapter
American Association of Anger Management Providers