About Gregory A. Kyles

Gregory A. Kyles

Gregory A. Kyles, Director of the Anger Management Institute of Texas, and the Domestic Violence Institute of Texas, is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) with over 20 years in providing mental health counseling services.

Mr. Kyles graduated from the University of Houston receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology, and continued at Prairie View A&M University of Texas receiving his Master of Arts in Counseling.

Contact Gregory Kyles by email at gregory@ami-tx.com, or visit www.ami-tx.com for information about anger management services; email gregory@dvi-tx.com, or visit www.dvi-tx.com for information about domestic violence services.

3 thoughts on “About Gregory A. Kyles

  1. Gregory, because you’re combining your formal training with your innate abilities of perception and awareness, you are apparently marching along a sure path to improving humanity….you are helping people realize self-worth and self-appreciation. Once some realize the impacts of their personal bugga-boos (unchecked anger), they can have better lives and they can enrich the lives of others. Congratulations on finding your niche. Stay strong, keep on track, and continue to help others feel love!!

  2. Mr. Kyles,

    I am writing you this to share my appreciation for your series of anger and stress management classes. As mentioned in many conversations, I had searched for a provider who was both a specialist in this area and with whom I would feel personally and professionally comfortable. You met both of these criteria. I consulted with three and met with one other counselor in person. However, I felt that you were the best and most appropriate for my employees’ at Union Pacific Railroad. As the Regional EAP Manager for UP which includes seven states access to your web site has made my job easier to refer employees’ in a timely manner. The outcome of your programs has been cost effective for the employer and the employee. You are the expert and for all to hear the best in the field.

    Best Regards, and should anyone of your prospective clients be in need of a recommendation or additional information about your program, please have them contact me.

    Tarsyia Waddell LPC.LCDC.CEAP.SAP
    Regional UP- EAP Manager

    Thank you again.

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